In May 2022, CPE Capital 9 announced the acquisition of Direct Group, Australia’s leading digital and direct-to-customer consumer company. Direct Group is one of Australia’s leading direct to consumer retailers. It is a trusted provider of products 

The Group markets and sells in Australia, New Zealand and Asia communicating directly with its customers through online, print, television and digital publishing. 

The business operates through two divisions: 

  1. Innovations: A leading direct to consumer retailer with a portfolio of online, social and catalogue brands. Included within Innovations is the Direct Publishing division comprising digital and print content platform including Reader’s Digest, Over60, WYZA and Handyman. 
  2. TVSN: Australia’s leading video e-commerce retailer with a live and on-demand presence, e-commerce sites and mobile application. 

Both divisions offer a broad range of merchandise across apparel, jewellery, homewares, health, beauty, craft, bed linen, electronics, books, entertainment and pets. Products are sourced through well-established international and local supply chains. 

Direct Group’s head office and supporting infrastructure of TV and design studios, online marketing teams, contact centres, editorial team, integrated product sourcing and customer order fulfilment are located on 5.3 hectares in the northern suburbs of Sydney, Australia. 

Direct Group is well positioned to grow by leveraging structural tailwinds in global retail for digital shopping, visual marketing and engagement.

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