Rocla / Civilmart

In August 2021, CPEC 9 made an investment into Rocla and the simultaneous bolt-on investment of Civilmart, Australia’s 3rd and 4th largest manufacturers of concrete pipes and precast products. This merger creates the 2nd largestmanufacturer of concrete pipes and precast products in Australia, with operations in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

Civilmart is a leading Australian supplier of concrete solutions to the building and construction industry. Rocla has been a part of the Civilmart Group since September 2021. Rocla provides a uniquely comprehensive range of innovative engineered solutions for stormwater piping, pits, headwalls and Box Culverts, sewerage piping and access systems, irrigation, stormwater detention and treatment, rainwater harvesting, water storage, bridging and earth retention, as well as concrete poles, building columns, boardwalks and railway sleepers.

The merger of Rocla / Civilmart’s manufacturing and sales facilities enhances the Groups market coverage, decentralises the company’s customer service network and provides extensive distribution capabilities. This enables the Group to provide exceptional service to their customers by manufacturing the highest quality products and delivering them in a reliable and timely manner.

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