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COVID-19 VPEG4 Portfolio Update

While COVID-19 is clearly disrupting economies around the world, Vantage’s primary focus is on the safety and wellbeing of our people and preserving the value of our portfolios.

Vantage Private Equity Growth 4 (VPEG4) COVID-19 has assessed the potential impacts, mitigating factors and observed impact to date on VPEG4’s underlying investment into Alpha-H, resulting from the COVID-19 situation.

While the longer-term financial implications of COVID-19 are still unknown, the volatility in global markets has already created a re-rating of risk amongst market participants. Arguably these events may signify the beginning of a new cycle in financial markets and end the prolonged period of asset inflation and increasing acquisition multiples. Once the public health and safety issues have been addressed and the economic ramifications can be more clearly assessed, we expect there will be meaningful opportunities for our underlying funds to invest capital at attractive valuations. This will ultimately, create a robust platform for VPEG4 to deliver superior risk adjusted returns to investors over the term of the Fund.

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